Serious Games, Web Based and Distributed Simulation


Sim4Future is the Hi-Tech responsible of BOT1MM initiaitive: a Brochures, promotions and commercial initiatives Original control Tool using 1st class Intelligent retail Management for strategic Marketing, sales, profits and sustainable achievements based on Strategic Engineering

Sim4Future created CAPIAS as a very innovative Simulation Engine for Multi Domain Interoperable Simulation able to run in multiple Platform, from Smartphone up to Hololens and CAVE, extensively using XR (eXtended Reality); CAPIAS represents a very innovative approach for Simulation and it includes a Scenario for Protection and Vulnerability Reduction of Under Water & Off Shore Critical Infrastructures such as Offshore Platforms, FPSO, Seabed Fields, Pipelines, Data Cables, Offshore Wind Farms, etc. CAPIAS allows to finalize Assessments, Strategic Analysis, Operational Planning and Decision Support. In Addition SIM4Future created also CAPIAS Wargame for Strategic Education in protection of National Critical Infrastructures CAPIAS

Sim4Future is active in Investigating, Developing and Deploying  Solutions based on Modeling, Interoperable Simulation, Immersive Technologies based on the Most Advanced  Technologies and Services.
Simulation is subjected to fast evolution over these days by introducing HLA Evolved (High Level Architecture), Simulation as Service and Cloud Solutions, Serious Games implemented over Mobile Platform.
Sim4Future is looking forward for providing to its Customers these advances as reliable and effective solutions.
  • Simulation Team in Action: Mulitple examples of Modeling, Interoperable Simulation and Serious Games in Virtual and Augmented Reality 

  • SIBILLA Web Multiplayer Serious Game on Homeland Security and Defense Against Terrorism

  • SECSIM SECurity SImulation for Maritime environment and ports

  • CTrain Serious Game for Port Operation Training in Military Logistics

  • CTSim Serious Game for Ro-Ro Operations 

      • WILMA Warehouse Integrated Lostics Management Analyzer

      • MACS Manufacturing Analysis and Computational optimization based on Simulation

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